China: Day 25

Leaving China

January 8, 2018

Got up rather early today, and went to eat rice noodles for breakfast in a noodle shop a short ways down the road from the hotel we were staying at.

Finalised packing up all of our bags, then checked out of the hotel and bussed to Wuyi Square station where we caught the metro to Changsha South Railway Station.

From there, we caught a high-speed train back to Shenzhen North Railway Station.

We visited a China Unicom store near the railway station to cancel a SIM card we were using for travelling purposes, then got some juice at a Taiwanese Steak House.

Ate a light lunch at a restaurant near the railway station, then checked into a short-stay room at a hotel to take a rest.

Caught a taxi to the airport a couple of hours later, and boarded Hainan Airlines flight HU411 from Shenzhen to Brisbane. The flight departed at about 11pm local time.