China: Day 20

Feilai Peak

January 2, 2018

Ate a quick breakfast this morning of soy milk, tea boiled eggs, and youtiao - before heading off to catch a bus to Feilai Peak.

Feilai Peak houses a collection of 330 statues carved into the cliffs and caves on the peak. We walked up to the top of the peak, taking a look at the carvings as we went.

Feilai Tower Feilai Carving Feilai Stone Carving

There are also a number of Buddhist temples on the peak, which we spent some time walking through. The primary temple felt quite commercial, but there was another just behind it which had a much more authentic feel to it.

Feilai Temple Feilai Lion Feilai Temple Wall Feilai Statue

Ended up eating lunch in a vegetarian restaurant just outside the gate to Feilai Peak Scenic Area. The food was good and very cheap (¥25 per person for an all you can eat buffet).

After finish up at the temples, we travelled back down towards the West Lake - eventually ending up in a tea house inside Huagang Park. Afterwards, we went for a walk around the close by fish pond which contains hundreds of red carp.

Once we were done there, we caught the bus back to the city (and chanced a glance at the Leifeng Pagoda lit up in the early evening light). Ate a quick dinner of red bean congee, and headed back to the hotel for the night.

Leifeng Pagoda