China: Day 19

Yuehu Lake to Maojiabu

January 1, 2018

Ate a free buffet breakfast again in the hotel in Xitangzhen, then packed up our bags and walked to the bus station to travel back to Hangzhou. The bus was about an hour quicker on the way back than it had been to arrive in Xitangzhen. Caught the metro to Ding’an Road Station.

We checked back into the Merchant Marco Edgelake Hotel again in Hangzhou, and then went out to eat lunch at the nearby fast food restaurant. Got a couple of cups of orange juice from the same seller as before we left, as well as some more tea biscuits. The city was very busy, given that it was a national holiday.

Afterwards, caught a bus up to the top of the West Lake - near where the university is. We walked through the gardens alongside the edge of the lake.

Hangzhou Gate Hangzhou Lake Hangzhou Cat

There were a number of exhibits you could visit along the way, but as it was getting close to the end of the day a lot of these were starting to close - so we could only drop into a few.

Hangzhou Statue Hangzhou Lanterns Hangzhou Chili

We got as far as Dingjia Mountain, and then caught a bus back to the city.

Hangzhou Reflections Hangzhou Flower Hangzhou Pavilion Hangzhou Trees

Dropped in at a Carrefour department store on the way back to the hotel and picked up a few groceries.

Went out for dinner at a restaurant called Grandma’s Home. They were very busy, and as such our dishes were served quite late and some of the warm dishes was getting cold.

After leaving there, we went back to the hotel for the night.