China: Day 17

Arriving in Xitangzhen

December 30, 2017

Ate a quick breakfast this morning at the same nearby Hangzhou-style local restaurant we ate at last night. On the way back to the hotel we passed a fruit store, and brought 2 freshly squeezed orange juices for ¥33, and some apples.

Checked out of the hotel, and caught the metro to 客运中心 where we transferred to a long distance bus station. Brought some tickets to Xitangzhen (西塘镇), but the next available seats were on a bus which departed in 2 hours.

We decided to eat lunch at a restaurant just outside the bus centre, and then had a coffee at a Starbucks which was next door. Got back to the station just a short while before the bus arrived.

It took about 2 and a half hours to reach Xitangzhen, when we arrived it was still quite overcast and just lightly raining. We walked down the road to the Xitang Holiday Hotel and checked in.

Went out for dinner at about 6pm, at a restaurant directly outside the front of the hotel. After eating, went back to the room and watched some TV.

At about 8:30pm we walked out and took a look at the Jiashan Xitang Ancient Town Scenic Area. We’ll be back again tomorrow when everything is open to have a proper look around.