China: Day 16

West Lake

December 29, 2017

Ate a breakfast of tea-boiled eggs, pumpkin congee, soy milk, and youtiao in a nearly local Hangzhou restaurant.

Afterwards, we went for walk around the West Lake in a northerly direction.

West Lake House Boat West Lake Squirrel

Got as far as the island near Beili Lake, before we had to turn back towards the hotel to check out.

West Lake House with Lotus

Moved to another hotel a short walk away, called Hangzhou Renhe Hotel. Went to get some lunch afterwards at a fast food restaurant called Old Uncle.

After lunch, we caught a bus around the north side of the lake to Gushan Road, and continued to walk around the small island we had reached earlier in the day.

West Lake Bridge West Lake Flowers

It was still quite overcast and misty, so you couldn’t really see much of the lake itself - or any of the mountains in the distance.

We visited the Xiling Imprinting Corporation, and learned a bit about the old masters of the group - and brought a small calligraphy brush from there as well.

West Lake Calligraphy

Next we took a walk around Zhongshan Park (from the Southeast Gate) and walked over the top of the hill.

West Lake Waterfront West Lake Chancellors West Lake Philosopher West Lake Memorial

We continued west towards an area which grows lotus flowers during the Spring, and then south over a land bridge which spans the diameter of the West Lake.

West Lake Garden West Lake Turtle

Caught a bus back to the hotel, and got some buns and soy milk from a place next door as afternoon tea.

Went out for dinner at a local-style restaurant, then walked around the city for a while. It was all lit up at night, with lots of people on the streets.

Chanced upon a musical water fountain show on the edge of the West Lake, and watched that before returning to the hotel for the night.

West Lake Fountain Show