China: Day 14

Last day in Beijing

December 28, 2017

Woke up and ate at the nearby local-style fast food shop, then returned to the hotel and checked out.

We travelled into the city via bus to visit a hotpot restaurant that had good reviews. The restaurant was pretty close to the area we ate Nanjing-style food the night before. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to the hype for us, and felt a little overpriced for what we got.

Went back to the hotel to collect some bags we still had checked in there, then left to head for the Beijing Railway Station.

Stopped at the shops on the way to grab some supplies for the trip, some buns from Mr. Bao, some instant noodles, and some instant drinks (milk tea & soy milk).

Took the metro to the Beijing Railway Station, got our tickets, and boarded the train. It was an overnight train to Hangzhou that departed at 4pm and arrived at 9am the following morning. We figured this would be a better use of our time, rather than wasting the better part of a day on a train during the daytime.

We had a “soft coach”, which means that you get to sleep in a small room with 4 bunks. The alternative was the “hard coach” with 6 bunks per partition, and no doors, or twin share cabins (which were all sold out).

We ate dinner on the train, recharged our phones, and went to sleep.