China: Day 13

National Museum of China

December 26, 2017

At some buns from Mr. Bao for breakfast in the hotel, then walked to a bus station just south of Anhuaqiao station.

Disembarked near Tiananmen Square, and walked over to the National Museum of China. There was a huge queue to get through an initial security check to enter the precinct, then another queue where we had to drop off our backpack. Getting tickets was pretty quick, as was moving through the final security checkpoint to enter the museum.

The building itself was huge, with large open areas and exhibits spread out across the building. We ate a quick brunch at the museum cafe before starting, and then spent the next couple of hours wandering around the different exhibits.

National Museum Statues National Museum Figure National Museum Cat National Museum Jewel National Museum Plate National Museum Bird

Ended up staying there for a number of hours, and did not manage to see everything. Left and took the metro to a nearby shopping mall where we found a Nanjing-style restaurant to eat dinner. Caught a bus back to the hotel afterwards.