China: Day 12

Nanlouguxiang Hutongs

December 25, 2017

Ate breakfast at the same nearby fast food restaurant we went to for dinner at last night. It was pretty cold outside, a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius is the forecast maximum.

Renewed the hotel booking for another night, and caught up on a few things in the hotel room..

Today we decided to go and take a look at a proper hutong. Walked to the nearby metro station (Anhuaqiao), and travelled to the Nanlouguxiang hutong.

Nanlouguxiang Hutong Lanterns Nanlouguxiang Hutong Ice Cream

It was a rather long hutong, and we spent a while walking along the street looking at many shops of interest along the way.

Nanlouguxiang Hutong Toys Nanlouguxiang Hutong Rabbits

Found a food court and brought a few dishes to try.

Nanlouguxiang Hutong Potatoes Nanlouguxiang Hutong Tofu

After eating we continued walking along the huton, and then stopped for afternoon tea at a Zarah coffee shop. The food there was somewhat underwhelming, so we moved on soon afterwards.

Nanlouguxiang Hutong Lion

We started heading in the direction of the lakes near Houhai Park, but did not end up reaching it in the end. Picked up some Mr. Bao buns on the way. Saw the Drum Tower and Bell Tower though, and then took the metro back to the hotel as it was too cold to keep walking outside without warmer clothes.

Nanlouguxiang Beijing Drum Tower Nanlouguxiang Beijing Drum Tower Nanlouguxiang Beijing Bell Tower

Stopped in a nearby supermarket on the way and got some water to take back to the hotel.

Went out for dinner a bit later on at the Shuguo Yanyi Sichuan-style restaurant.