China: Day 11

798 Art Zone

December 24, 2017

Ate a selection of items from Mr. Bao for breakfast this morning at the hotel, then packed up and checked out. Took a taxi to a Desheng Hotel and checked in.

Went out to eat lunch at a local restaurant specialising in Peking Duck.

Stopped by a bank on the way back to the hotel to try and resolve an ongoing issue with performing balance checks online.

Got in a taxi and travelled to the 798 Art Zone.


There was a lot of modern contemporary art, as well as stores selling handmade musical instruments, pottery, and more.

798 Bots 798 Bonsai 798 Instrument 798 Sculpture 798 Figure

Grabbed a hot drink from Gong Tea, then headed back to the hotel via taxi.

Ate a light dinner in a nearby restaurant.