China: Day 10

Wandering around the Beijing metro

December 23, 2017

Started the day with a quick breakfast of the buns we brought from Mr. Bao the night before, then headed off to the Beixinqiao metro station to find a Hainan Airlines store in the city as we needed to change our flight dates.

Arrived a Xidan station, and went to find the store. Unfortunately, the entire building it was supposed to be in was in the process of being demolished.

Onto Plan B, we had also wanted to visit a bookstore nearby (Beijing Book Building) - so went there instead. Browsed a few of the different floors, and found what we were after.

Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch in a nearby shopping mall. Ate some beef rice noodle soup.

Shortly afterwards we left to walk to a nearby bank, and then took the metro to Sanyuanqiao station to visit the Hainan Airlines HQ office.

Once the tickets were all sorted, we visited a Japanese ramen shop across the road and enjoyed a pot of green tea. Then headed back to the hotel to drop off our books and rest.

Headed out for dinner at a close by restaurant on the corner of Beixinqiao 3rd Alley and Dongzhimen North Alley.