China: Day 6

Juzhou Park

December 19, 2017

Ate rice noodles for breakfast, and for lunch stir-fry tofu and vegetables. Went out to explore Juzhou Park in the afternoon. The park exists on an island in the middle of the Xiangjiang River (connected to the adjacent shorelines by a large bridge).

Bridge to Juzhou

The island is about 6km long in total, we walked up and down a 2km stretch of this passing a number of interesting sights on the way.

Trees at Juzhou Leaves at Juzhou Lake at Juzhou

Of particular interest was a collection of metal sculptures in one corner of the park.

Robot at Juzhou Bird at Juzhou Rhino at Juzhou Figure at Juzhou

We ended up at the southern tip of the island, where there stands an enormous 32 metre high Mao Zedong sculpture.

Mao at Juzhou Pavilion at Juzhou

Went back for a dinner of glutinous rice balls.