China: Day 5

Travelling to Changsha

December 18, 2017

Ate a buffet breakfast at the hotel this morning, then walked north past Hongshan metro station to find a bank which we had passed yesterday. Unfortunately, they were unable to help us - so we took a taxi to a larger bank a short distance away. After we were done, another taxi ride back to the MeiJing hotel - where we packed up our bags and checked out.

Hotel provided a free taxi to the Shenzhen North Railway Station. There was quite a long queue for tickets, but eventually collected them and found our platform (A15). Boarded the high-speed train shortly afterwards. Luckily we were one of the first aboard our carriage so were able to find ample space to store our bags. The train reached speeds of 305km/h during the journey to Changsha.

The trip in total took just under 3.5 hours, with a few short stops at railway stations along the way. Caught a taxi from the station to our hotel. Got stuck in some pretty bad traffic along the way. Arrived at the Jinjiang Inn, one of the few hotels which accept foreigners in this part of the city.