China: Day 4

Dafen Oil Painting Village

December 17, 2017

This morning we returned to the Changsha-style rice noodle shop for breakfast. It is becoming noticeably more cold now, as opposed to temperatures comparable to Brisbane when we first arrived in Shenzhen.

Walked north of Hongshan station to find a bank, but arrived and discovered that they were closed. Continued on to shopping mall a block to the east, and ate lunch at a steamed fish restaurant.

After eating, walked back to Hongshan station and caught the metro to Dafen. Found our way to the Dafen Oil Painting Village and took a stroll through the many winding streets and alleyways.

Stopped by the local Starbucks and ordered a latte to warm ourselves up, then took a look in a nearby Walmart and brought some dinner and some snacks for tomorrow. Tried to catch a taxi back to the hotel, but it never arrived. Ended up taking the metro back.