China: Day 3

Lianhaushan Park & Book City

December 16, 2017

This morning we returned to the local community area to find breakfast at a small Wonton shop we had walked past the night before. Went back to the MeiJing Hotel after eating and renewed our room for another night.

Walked to the Hongshan metro station & then back to the hotel. Ate a room service rice noodle meal for lunch.

MeiJing Rice Noodles

Took the metro in the afternoon to Lianhua North, and walked over to the Lianhaushan Park. Spend some time looking around the park, climbed to the small peak in the centre to see a 6-metre statue of Deng Xiaoping, and also a good view of the cityscape.

Deng Xiaoping

Shenzhen Cityscape

Decended down towards the lake area, and then left the park to find Book City. Watched an old gentleman playing a musical instument.

Book City Busker

Walked around for a while and then found a place to sit and have a drink (mango + passionfruit). Shortly after, ate dinner at a hotpot restaurant. Continued exploring the mall afterwards, doing some window shopping and browsed the music section of the mall. Finished the evening there, taking the metro back to the hotel.

Shenzhen at night