China: Day 2

Shenzhen’s northern suburbs & the bay

December 15, 2017

Woke up and ate at the buffet breakfast inside the hotel. Proceeded to head out and search for a China Unicom store to acquire some SIM cards. Located the local store, however, they were not open (contrary to the business hours posted on the door).

The hotel was unable to renew the room we were staying in for another night, so we moved to the MeiJing Hotel in the Minzhi Residential District. The room cost about ¥40 more per night, but the hotel was a lot better quality.

Walked to the Shenzhen North Railway Station. Arrived at the West Square, walked around to the East Square and found some lunch. Proceeded to find a China Unicom store, and got a SIM card sorted.

Took the metro to Shenzhen Bay Park. Took a stroll along the shoreline, and spotted Hong Kong from across the bay.

Shenzhen Bay Park

After a while, we walked over to the other side of the road and found a small water fountain display and a street of restaurants and bars. Entered a nearby plaza to find and ATM. Got some cash out, and then took the metro back to the hotel.

Ventured out into local community area to find dinner rather than eating at the hotel. Found a really nice Changsha-style rice noodle shop. Afterwards, continued exploring the area; brought some mandarins from a fruit shop, and some Harbin beer from a small convenience shop.